Monday, July 21, 2014

The 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth

These real life ruins offer an eerie glimpse into a world without humans.√ The location pictured below is barely an hour from Northern New Jersey.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mortgage Rate Predictions

Many of our readers ask us where interest rates are headed over the next several months. While no one has a crystal ball, we did want to share what some experts are saying on the subject.

Freddie Mac
“In the next few months, mortgage rates are likely to remain at their current, low level, but will not remain there for long. As the Federal Reserve is expected to ‘taper’ its purchases of long-term Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities, and as economic growth picks up, long-term yields will gradually rise. Fixed-rate mortgages are expected to be higher in six months, and may even approach 5 percent a year from now.”
National Association of Realtors

“Mortgage rates could move suddenly higher in anticipation of rate increases, much as they did last summer when refinance and transaction activity was high. Steady purchase transaction volume and lower refinance volume could mean that mortgages rates may adjust in a more gradual fashion. In either case, as the economy improves—and today’s data clearly suggests it is improving—the overall trend for mortgage rates is up, not down.”
Fannie MaeProjects the 30 year fixed mortgage rate to be 4.3% by the end of the year.
Mortgage Bankers AssociationProjects the 30 year fixed mortgage rate to be 4.7% by the end of the year.