Friday, July 29, 2011

Time to Consider Putting Your Home Search On A Fast Track

With the current Debt Crisis facing the increased possibility of Default, downgrading of our government's credit, and the prospect of skyrocketing interest rates, now might be the time to put your home search on a fast track. HGTV"s has posted their 10 step scenario for speeding up the process to the max and closing your deal on the tightest of deadlines. Their 10 steps:

1. Start your search online

2. Get pre-approved

3. Look for motivated sellers

4. Prioritize your housing needs

5. Find a great buyer’s agent

6. Steer clear of short sales

7. Try a real estate auction

8. Negotiate repairs

9. Have cash read for closing

10. Have a Plan B

Depending on the property you pick, our team of Century 21 specialists have locked in a low interest rate in a matter of days.and closed deals as quickly as 3 weeks.

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