Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Financing Options Needed to Stem Foreclosures

The housing market could face an onslaught of new foreclosures if policy makers and industry professionals fail to develop more financing options that keep real estate investors active in the market, Amherst Securities Group said in a report yesterday. The
problem is twofold, according to the analyst group. On one hand,
the market needs to stifle a growing supply of distressed
properties by implementing solutions — including principal
write downs — that will save homes from distressed inventory
pools. The second step is ensuring the market has multiple
financing options available to investors who want to buy up the
existing streams of distressed and existing real estate. "Rental
yields are high enough to entice some amount of private capital,
but financing for investor properties would certainly attract
more capital and cushion further home price declines," the agency
said in its Amherst Mortgage Insight report.

Amherst Securities believes 10.4 million homes are still at risk
of going into default after analyzing the number of loans that
are currently classified as non-performing, previously delinquent
and underwater. The tightening of underwriting guidelines also
is making it more difficult for investors and homebuyers to get
into the market to extract the access inventory.

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