Sunday, July 24, 2011

NJ's Undiscovered Lake Escape

Like Minnesota, New Jersey is a land of many lakes, most of them private or hard to access without long hikes, Louis Morris County Park couldn't be much easier to get to. It's a mere 4 miles west of Morristown. Perhaps one of the reasons it's parking lot is never full is that the wealthy towns nearby all have private pools or town pools. Maybe it's the history of geese-induced closings(rare in recent years). We arrived as per our usual late Sunday timetable to find 3 youngsters in the roped off section of Sunrise Lake being well supervised by two lifeguards. We were swimming far enough from them to avoid the slightest ripple in the refreshing waters. A couple of paddleboats were sliding across the lake and a few fishermen could be seen on the far shore. Peace!

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