Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lead Testing Advised for All Ringwood Residents

WCBS News is reporting that lead levels in homes just outside a New Jersey superfund site have been found to be dangerously high and that has some observers demanding quick action. Photo by Chris Pedota

The sludge dumped on the site continues to surprise the people trying to clean it up — and the residents trying to live their lives nearby. Environmentalist Robert Spiegel is so alarmed he said the entire population of this rural community should be screened for contamination.

Recent soil tests show that some homes in the area have lead levels of 22 thousand parts per million in their yards. That’s 50 times what the government considers safe. The EPA said it has removed 37,000 tons of soil and debris from the site since 2004 and has no estimate how much more is left.

The New Jersey Department of Health has offered lead screening for children living here, but not for adults, few of whom have health insurance or the means to get the tests themselves. A spokesperson for department in Trenton said it’s taking the advisory panel’s recommendation under advisement.


  1. After carefully weighing all available information and considering the public comments, EPA has concluded it is not necessary to impose new lead-dust sampling and laboratory analysis, known as the clearance requirements

  2. Lead-based paint is a major source of lead poisoning for children and can affect adults. Even low levels of lead in children can result in stunted mental and physical development, learning disorders, and behavior problems.