Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wetland Woes off the Parkway

What do Paramus & Bloomfield have in common? Both have have active open space preservation groups currently holding off developers applications to the DEP.
The save Paramus Wetlands website is a bit newer than Bloomfield's Third Riverbank site, but no less dedicated. They also face a deep pockets developer(aren't they all?) with the resources to keep resubmitting rejected applications to develop a 35 acre site along Soldier Hill Brook. Unlike the BTRA, however, they even have the Mayor on their side.
Here's a deja vu excerpt from the Paramus folks:
It appears as if the developer is resubmitting as their first application, dated 1/24/2007, was rejected. The NJ DEP informed Maser Consulting of the rejection via a letter dated 2/14/2007. Maser replied in a letter ...claiming that they would address all of the items/deficiencies and resubmit within 30 days. Although nearly 73 days have passed the LURP will be asked to review yet another application pertaining to this property. They have also requested a "hardship waiver".

Bloomfield's day of reckoning is at Tuesday night's planning board meeting at Town Hall.

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Why is every one worried about the wetlands when the first item on the agenda should be to clean up the dump that exists on the same site...The dump runs off into the water and is a greater detriment to every ones health, due to the fact that it flows into our water supplies. Not to mention that animals can not survive because there is so much glass and garbage that has been dumped. If people are truly concerned, they should make this there main concern rather than merely attempting to stop the development. We should make them clean the site first. People must open there eyes and see what the true issue is here. It appears that there are many hidden agendas... and contamination is not a concern for the people involved. I am concerned for my health ! PLEASE MAKE THEM CLEAN THE DUMP...PARAMUS WETLANDS