Thursday, May 03, 2007

Blue Acres Bill could relieve flood pressures

From The Record:

Environmentalists, politicians and flood-weary residents found common ground on the soggy banks of the Passaic River on Wednesday, urging adoption of a $1.75 billion bond through a referendum that would pour more money into the state's buyout program, Blue Acres.

In the wake of the latest flood, Democrats and Republicans in the state Legislature are pushing to place a bond referendum on the November ballot to restore funding to the Garden State Preservation Trust Fund. The fund is the pool of money New Jersey draws upon to preserve open space, farms and historic sites, and to buy up homes and land in the flood plains around New Jersey.

A bill (ACR-10) that would put a $1.75 billion bond referendum on the November ballot to fund open space purchases -- including flood buyouts -- is in the Assembly Environment Committee.

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