Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Council Coup for Christmas in Bloomfield

You don't have to go to Thailand, Fiji, or a banana republic to see coups and insurrections. Bloomfield's normally staid council conference meetings have recently been the scene of several occasions of closed door maneuvers by his fellow Democrats that have left two term Mayor Ray McCarthy with less and less influence. From last summer's firing of Vincent Pirone, the town attorney for decades,to, this week, sacking equally long term Zoning chief, John Lazar. According to the council's lone Republican, Ray Tamborini,"
“They have, in essence, rendered the mayor completely ineffective.”

from My Community Life/Bloomfield Life:

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  1. Town Crier7:20 PM

    Hard to believe that Bloomfield has not been able to revitalize its downtown area when others have done the same so well. It has a train station there begging for more enlightened development; access to GSP and Rt.280, etc.

    New blood is needed to lift Bloomfield. Present Mayor lacks vision, holds on to old-boy network too long. Time for much needed changes in what could be a great town.