Friday, December 15, 2006

Another Revolting Development?

Just when you thought they couldn't possibly squeeze any more riverside condo developments into the mix, our ace council observer for The Bloomfield Third RiverBank Association, first broke this story to her email list:

Well, Ralph Salerno was back in front of the council
last night promoting the latest housing nightmare for

This time a developer wants to rezone the area of
National Starch (off Belleville Ave..across the river
from memorial field) to a garden apartment zone...but
instead of making low rise garden apartments, he
wants 4-story buildings... enough for 300 units

Several pitches included expanding the permeable
surface. There was a square on the plan that said
recreation center. Repeated questions were
mysteriously avoided by Salerno who said, for legal
reasons, this couldn't be discussed. So I guess they
are dangling a new recreation center in exchange for
high density on a flood plain? ... they were also dangling
age-restricted housing units. They were also somehow claiming the
traffic from these units would be less than the truck
traffic tying up Belleville Avenue currently. Or at
least I think that was what they were saying. And they
were saying this would bring another $3 million
dollars to Bloomfield's pocket book.

The council is sending a request to the planning board
to consider rezoning the property.

More info can be found in this week's Bloomfield Independent Press.

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