Thursday, March 02, 2006

Slippery Slopes for a Snow Day

The open spaces at the end of Liongate Drive have long been the focus of concern and speculation by Bloomfield residents and developers. For the past year, the former Scientific Glass site has been partially leveled, then reshaped with a 30ft “mountain” sprouting like a volcano in the center that can be seen from Broad St. and Lakewood Drive. Contrary to rumors, there are no plans afoot for a ski resort or theme park. The current goal of the new owners, AFC Realty, is Condos. The DEP has yet to determine that the former industrial property has been cleaned up to residential standards. After nearly 6 quiet months, things are starting to get busy as per this notice from the DEP:

Environmental Waste Management Associates plans to work
on the site March 2 - 10 to perform delineation sampling. March 2 & 3 they plan to delineate Area of Concern (AOC) 41. That area is located towards the northwestern end of site, in the area where the piles of demolition materials had been located. During the week of March 6 they plan to dig test pits to investigate thirteen other AOCs. Please let me know if you have any questions about this planned work.

Mark Herzberg
Office of Community Relations
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
(609) 633-1369

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