Friday, March 03, 2006

Rattling Cages

The endangered anti-hero is the venomous Timber Rattlestake
which can grow to over 6 feet in length.

We’ve never reviewed fiction here, but our own Debbie Gallant, the driving force behind baristanet --NJ’s most successful blog-- has just published her first novel, Rattled, which manages to satirize Real Estate developers, the endangered species act, conspicuous consumption, and suburban life in NJ. She characterizes her dastardly developer as one who
”knew his buyers. They love the country. They were drawn by the quaintness, the open fields, the farm stands, and the pines. …The thing was that all of them, every single one, wanted to be the last one in. The fact that bulldozers had cleared the land for their suburban castles, didn’t ruffle their sensitivities. But when the big bad machines came to clear the land for someone new, their acquisitive little souls suddenly turned sensitive.”

Less that a week after publication, Debbie has had rave reviews from a growing list of national rags from USA Today to People Magazine. Debbie will begin her national book-signing tour Saturday from 11AM-1230PM at Watchung Book sellers at Watchung and Park St., Montclair.

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