Monday, March 13, 2006

It's Raining on the Floodplain

The Third River roars past Clark St. during heavy rains.

Many areas in NJ require FEMA subsidized flood insurance because of repeated flooding. Here’s a sensible approach from Bloomfield's Third RiverBank Association website.

Protecting and Restoring Floodplain.
Despite spending more than $25 billion on federal levees and dams, national flood losses continue to rise.

The reasons are clear: as new home developments are increasing the rate at which water moves off the landscape, into feeder streams, and towards our riverside communities. Poor land-use decisions have put more people at risk by allowing development in harm's way and by eliminating the natural flood control functions of wetlands and floodplains.

Some communities are charting a new course by relocating vulnerable homes and businesses, directing new development away from flood-prone areas, planting flood-tolerant crops and working with their upstream neighbors to protect and restore wetlands and floodplains throughout their river basin.

In addition to permanently eliminating the threat of future flooding, alternatives like relocation and watershed management meet other needs of riverside communities: improved water quality, better access for river-based recreation, and improved habitat for river wildlife. Dozens of programs are available.

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