Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chinese Copy an Austrian Village

Photo: Sander Hoogendoorn under a Creative Commons license

The picturesque Austrian village of Hailstatt, is home to the world's oldest known salt mine, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and hosts up to 800,000 visitors annually. But soon tourists coming from China won't have to go so far to see Hallstatt in all its mountain and lakeside beauty. That's because China is busy building an exact replica of the famous village,

Der Spiegel is reporting that Hallstatt, China, will include every building, statue, and architectural detail of its original Austrian "inspiration." Not to mention the lake and mountains. And while Hallstatt's 800 residents see the Chinese clone as a potential boon for tourism, others are not so happy. It raises unprecedented legal issues regarding copyrights which have rarely been an issue in China.

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