Thursday, April 02, 2009

Your Neighborhood Commodities Market

Veggie Trader is a free resource for
bringing good food and good people together. Wish you could turn your excess plums into lemons, or maybe even a little cash? Use this site to find neighbors to swap with
or sell your excess produce to. Or if you specialize in growing tomatoes, find neighbors who specialize in other produce and form networks to share in the variety. Even if you don't have a garden, Veggie Trader is your place for finding local food near you.

If you live in the Montclair area, you can take your gardening to another dimension with Cornucopia. which conducts open gardens and composting demonstrations as well as many other activites which "encourage more efficient, effective and safer food Systems". Their first open organic garden day of the year will be April 25(2PM to 4PM) in Pat Kenschaft's garden at 56 Gordenhurst.


  1. do I need to RSVP to come to Pat Kenschaft's garden on April 25(2PM to 4PM)?
    THank you

  2. Geoff9:07 AM

    No RSVPs need. All are welcome