Friday, May 19, 2006

Open Garden Time!

Pat Kenschaft has an open garden for all seasons. This picture was from her December Open Garden.
All are invited to see Pat Kenschaft's spring harvest Saturday. Here's an excerpt from her latest newsletter:

Speaking of weeds, there are plenty for me this year too. My yard may not be as tidy this Saturday for my Open Garden (56 Gordonhurst Ave.) as I try to make it when I invite in the public. Grace Grund (3 Dodd Street) and I are looking forward to seeing you Saturday, May 20 from 2-5 PM. Grace will be holding a chicken-raising workshop beginning at 3:00 PM and my front yard will be hosting a variety of interesting tables. It takes little time to raise vegetables, but this business of looking suburban...

On the good side, vegetables are growing well too. My brocolli look
like brocolli, and I may harvest one before Saturday. There is a Sugan Ann
pea that will be ready to show off. I have THREE green tomatoes, one
larger than a pea. My mother said that gardeners need to brag. Please come
help me Saturday, and see the wonders of weeds and other good things!



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