Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out of This World

Today is the start of "Earth Week" with a long list of global events centering around Earth Day on Wednesday. For the last 10 years NASA has been featuring it's Image of the Day selected from the thousands of photographs snapped from its satellites and astronaut missions. The website publishes fantastic aerial imagery with highly detailed descriptions. Most are in the public domain and can be downloaded in high res form for personal use.

The Boston Globe is presenting its favorites in a breathtaking slide show format.The Earth Observatory is a website run by NASA's Earth Observing System Project Science Office (EOSPSO). This is the last week you can vote for your favorite from NASA's top 50 images taken in the past 10 years. Winners will be announced on the site on April 29th.

Above is one of NASA's Global Maps that show vegetation pictured as an index, of greenness. Greenness is based on several factors: the number and type of plants, how leafy they are, and how healthy they are.

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  1. Amazing images, very interesting!