Sunday, August 19, 2012

NYC's Ultimate Trailer Park

"Trailer Park" is a portable, natural, public park housed inside an 18' x 8’ x 7' mobile Coachmen Travel Trailer. The interior is fully planted, designed, and treated as a "real" park. Hand-laid brick planter beds containing lush shrubs, trees, and plants are complimented by masonry laid in the same tradition as public parks. Concrete and wooden benches provide seating. Skylights allow rain and air to pass to the plants below.

It's probably the best know creation of Kim Holleman, a prominent environmental artist based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Since its first showing at The Storefront For Art and Architecture, Trailer Park has shown in Chelsea, Soho, The Lower East Side, The Cooper Union, The Supreme Court at Foley Square and continues to evolve as a community based project.

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