Friday, February 24, 2012

Preparing for Power Outages

Most of Friday and Saturday night's weather forecasts in the Northeast include high wind warnings. This tipw of weather often leads to downed trees and power lines causing sudden blackouts.

Extreme weather conditions often cause power outages, often for long stretches of time. Whether you lose power for days, due to weather, or even for just a few hours because of a faulty power line, here are some tips to be fully prepared in emergencies.

Buy emergency supplies BEFORE disaster strikes, when items are easily accessible. Purchase items such as flashlights, matches, batteries, candles, lanterns, and lots of bottled water. Battery-powered space heaters may also come in handy. Consider getting a car cell phone charger to ensure continued battery life in your phone. Visit a camping store for food supplies in addition to your local grocery store for canned goods and non-perishable food. Don’t forget a manual can opener and disposable plates and utensils. Basic tools, extension cords, blankets and extra batteries should be included in your emergency supplies. Place all these items in a conveniently located waterproof container. Include a list of emergency phone numbers, such as your utility company, local fire and police department.

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