Sunday, January 22, 2012

5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Secure

Yahoo Real Estate has just posted these tips that are good common sense yet inexpensive. We've compressed them:

Lock Up!
Dead bolts are atill the best.

Know Your Neighbors
Give them your phone and email contact info.

Beware of Dog
Even if you don't have one, Those signs will make a potential intruder think twice.
To give a burglar another reason to go elsewhere, leave a large dog bowl by the front door with the name "Cujo" or "Killer."

Make Your Home Look Used When Vacationing
Cancel Papers and Mail.
Don't update your plans via Facebook or Twitter.

Go High Tech
You could always leave a radio on with a talk station blaring,
but now you can add a simple security camera run remotely with free apps.


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. A few weeks ago we shared a post that went into a little more depth on your last point, "Go High Tech."

    It's titled: Keep an Eye on Your Home with Smartphone Security Apps and can be found here (

    And basically it goes more in depth on what you can do remotely using your smartphone. Incredible!

  2. Home Sweet Home is a phrase that you should be able to use even when you're away from home. Increasing theft, vandalism and break-ins have resulted in most of us getting paranoid about the safety of our home. This increasing trend has snatched the peace of mind from you, and, like everyone else, I'm sure you're wondering what you could do to restore that peace of mind. Simple: Prevent attacks on your house by equipping yourself with a webcam software like GotoCamera.

  3. Marie8:34 AM

    One tip that I'd never have thought of is to plant something prickly under your windows. A cactus for example, or a rose bush. Fair enough, this isn't going to stop someone who's hellbent on breaking into your house but it is going to put off the more opportunistic brand of burglar.

    It might be worth upgrading your lock too. It doesn't have to be a huge sophisticated system because let's face it, most people couldn't afford that kind of thing, but a keyless lock might be worth a look. If it's of any interest, Yale have just released this one. I quite like it because it's a touch screen, so no obvious traces of your code. (And that wouldn't have occured to me if I hadn't gotten myself obsessed with the BBC's Sherlock. There's thoses scenes in Scandal in Belgravia where he figures out the first number of a safe code by the wear and tear on the keypad.)

  4. It's a whole lot better if you get to know and befriend your neighbors. Just in case they might find out something suspicious in your home, they'd call and inform you right away.