Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Great Light Way

West Orange Mayor John McKeon’s Energy Diet, Energy & Art Summer Campaign Emphasizes Conservation and Innovation with the display of 21 hand painted 5ft tall light bulbs to be located around the town from July through September.

More than a century after Thomas Edison’s light bulb marked the dawn of a new era, the light bulb remains a symbol of creativity around the world. West Orange is the site of the National Edison Historic Site(still closed for renovations), composed of Edison’s laboratory, where over 1000 patents were invented and many brought to market, and Edison’s home, Glenmont in Llewellyn Park. In West Orange, twenty-one five foot tall fiberglass bulbs, painstakingly hand painted by regional artists, will stand as symbols of our commitment to solving a quintessential 21st century problem - reversing the affects of global warming through the reduction of energy consumption and the investment in alternative energy sources.

Each bulb is sponsored by a local business or organization. Among the artists scheduled to participate are architects, sculptors, graphic designers and members of West Orange High School’s class of 2007.

“Our ‘Great Light Way’ is a trail of innovation that will lead you through our beautiful township while the artistry of the designs will inspire you to conserve energy” said Mayor McKeon. A location map will be made available and can be accessed on the West Orange Outlook, on line at or at the West Orange Public Library.

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