Sunday, June 10, 2007

An Eco Fair Sunday in Montclair

Four Junior girls from Montclair High School's Civics and Government Institute chose BlueWaveNJ to do their community service component. After seeing "An Inconvenient Truth", asked if they would sponsor an Eco Fair. The goal is to educate our community about what we can do to "Save the Planet in Your Own Backyard" (their slogan) instead of just feeling frightened and frustrated.
The Eco Fair was held today at Edgemont Park
There were tables and presentations by a variety of local groups and eco-friendly businesses including: The Hawk Watch, NRDC, Essex County Environmental Center, the DEP, and vendors of solar and wind power, environmentally safe cleaning products, natural parenting products, fair trade, teas, etc.
There was full spectrum of music by Angels Garage(pictured), Tromboner, Yellin and Wilson Flute Duet, the MHS African Drumming Group, Reticents, and the fabulous Marafanyi Guinean Drumming Group.

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  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    That little girl in the red dress was a cutie...