Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fooling Around with Trees

It's been over six months since the "Great Brookdale Tree Massacree."
Some say it was a reaction to the Microburst, or an obstacle to updated curb construction. Others blamed an over-reaction by Bloomfield's part time Forester,Stephen Schuckman and it's new engineer: Paul Lasek. Several tree-lined streets were "victimized", but Brookdale Road may be the most dramatic example.
After some ailing limbs from a tree damaged a home on Brookdale Road. Schuckman inspected the area and recommended getting rid of the older sick trees to avoid more incidents. Amy Harrigan detailed the scenario that resulted in the "clear-cutting" of o once beautiful street and supplied the Before picture above. We shot the After last weekend just before the stumps were pulverized into piles of sawdust. A close look at the apparently healthy stumps revealed nary a splinter that would confirm the Foresters fears of spreading disease or old age. In a statement to the Bloomfield Neighborhood Association, Ms Harrigan concluded that
"...the town changes its story over and over the street is ruined, my house value plummeted and someone should be held accountable for such devastation and please don't let it happen again. Many trees fell in Glen Ridge and Montclair and neither town had anywhere near such a response." Right now, it seems that For Sale signs are going up faster than promised replacement trees. No foolin'.
The BNA has invited Louise Palagano, Bloomfield's chief administrator, to clarify the town's tree policy at its next meeting.

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