Monday, February 12, 2007

Win-Win Solution for Preserving Landmarks and Open Space

There has been much discussion here and on other local forums on the need to prevent the demolition of historic structures as well as saving open spaces from over development.
One approach that is getting renewed attention is the Transfer of Development Rights.

From Cornell Univ.:

Local governments undertake transfer of development rights (TDR) programs to use the market to implement and pay for development density and location decisions. TDR programs allow landowners to sever development rights from properties in government-designated low-density areas, and sell them to purchasers who want to increase the density of development in areas that local governments have selected as higher density areas.

TDR programs appear to offer many advantages to local governments that want to control land use but also compensate landowners for restrictions on the development potential of their properties. TDR programs can be easier to implement than typical zoning programs; they make development more predictable and use the market to compensate landowners for lost property value. TDR programs are also more permanent than traditional zoning regulations.

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