Monday, February 19, 2007

Free Bus Trip To Trenton this Friday

Nick Joanow presents the BTRA case to DEP Commissioner Lisa Jackson at January meeting in Trenton.

The Bloomfield Third Riverbank Association not only believes you can fight City Hall, but you can also confront the NJ DEP at it's Trenton Headquarters. They're sponsoring a roundtrip Chartered Bus for Bloomfield area residents who want to make their presence felt at a public hearing regarding two proposed townhouse complexes along the Third River at Liongate.
From the Bloomfield Third RiverBank Blogsite:

Please consider coming to the public hearing in Trenton, and, if you
can't come, please send us your comments so we can read them into the
minutes of the hearing.

The hearing is this Friday, Feb. 23, in Trenton; the first session
starts at 2:00, the second starts at 3:30. We are leasing a van which
will probably leave around noon-ish on Friday from Nick's house on
Lakewood Drive. If you want to ride down with us please e-mail or call Nick at 973.748.6379. Please let us
know you are going with us so we can plan accordingly.

For those who want to attend but are microphone-shy, your presence
still is important. You can provide WRITTEN COMMENTS which someone
else can read into the minutes of the hearing.

This is also true for those who would like to attend but cannot. You
can send us your comments ( and we will read
them into the minutes of the hearing.

We are very annoyed that, after repeated requests to hold the hearing
in Bloomfield, not only is the NJDEP holding it in Trenton, but it
can't have the case managers present at the same time. This means that
for most people who attend, if they can stay for both meetings, have
to repeat the same concerns. The separate meetings are for the 5-acre
Desimone project, and the 9-acre Fefferman project.

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