Friday, November 10, 2006

Painting the Town Green

If you're planning on using eco-friendly paints for your next home improvement project, don't count on most latex paints to meet optimal standards.
although much better than oil based paints, even with latex paint there is potential for unhealthful exposure to certain VOCs (volatile organic compounds/chemicals). The most common definition of a VOC is any organic (carbon-based) compound that evaporates at ambient temperatures.
The folks at have many suggestions: YOLO Colorhouse, Sico's zero-VOC option, Anna Sova are just a few that have been discussed in detail. Two other brands to check out are SafeCoat and BioShield. They've also invited readers to share their experiences with finding, buying, using and disposing of low or zero-VOC paints? What works? What doesn't? Has milk paint ever entered the equation?

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