Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NJ Improving on Foreclosures

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10 States with Highest Foreclosure Rate October 2006

RealtyTrac has come out with their October 2006 numbers and the results are in. Colorado leads the way with once out of 337 homes in foreclosure. Vermont had the least amount of foreclosures in the country with only one home in foreclosure. Bet that guy has the neighbors talking for breaking the perfect streak. (Although still on the bottom 10, New Jersey is now trending towards a decreasing foreclosure market.)

The percentages are the change from October of 2005.

Top 10 States with Homes in Foreclosure October 2006

Colorado 1 out of 337 homes (117 % increase)

Nevada 1 out of 389 homes (557 % increase)

Georgia 1 out of 449 homes (99 % increase)

Michigan 1 out of 623 homes (88 % increase)

Illinois 1 out of 632 homes (144 % increase)

Florida 1 out of 640 homes (49 % increase)

Ohio 1 out of 654 homes (55 % increase)

Tennessee 1 out of 668 homes ( 99 % increase)

New Jersey 1 out of 675 homes (37 % decrease)

Utah 1 out of 718 homes (13 % increase)

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