Saturday, October 21, 2006

Living it Up Wild in Bloomfield

It ain't easy being a wildlife photographer in North Jersey. Especially if you live in Bloomfield and only focus on what passes by your back deck. Pat Ciesla shows us a few of the fauna that a dedicated amateur can capture-- without leaving her home off Liongate Drive(she admits to following the hawk a block or so down the road.). We've never featured this many pictures in one post, but hey...why not? (Click on smaller photos for larger image)

This happens to be part of the tract that The Bloomfield Third RiverBank Association is fighting to preserve against developers' plans to build upwards of 150 townhouses.

They're having a garden party fundraiser this Sunday from 4 to 7 at 96 Lakewood Terrace. For info call: 973-951-4339

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  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Developers are often demonized and these pictures are damning evidence as to why. Our streets are already clogged to capacity. Those of us in the Brookdale section will have to deal w/the apartments being planned for the space next to Brookdale Elementary. Can't there be a portion of Bloomfield, outside of Brookdale Park (and other local parks), that is not developed to the hilt? If the town powers-that-be approve this development, I honestly believe they have ice water in their veins. Thank you for the stunning shots of the natural world existing in our town.