Monday, August 21, 2006

You Blew

What do you do if your house has been on the market for several months with no serious offers? Suppose the office manager refuses to do more open houses until the price comes down to his predetermined level? You can try going over his head to a corporate exec., Or maybe The Broker? How about the CEO?
Jake Freivald considered all his options before asking to be let out of the listing agreement for his West Orange home. Rather that hiring a lawyer, Freivold and family have taken their case to the court of public opinion with an website that has attracted national attention as a detailed case study of how home marketing and customer service can go astray.
He's included his own active forum for comments, but The Northern NJ Real Estate Bubble has picked up the story with an even more intense discussion of the ethical issues involved.

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  1. I would have released them from the contract. As a Keller Williams Realtor I have the authority to release a unhappy client. I have never had to do that, but who wants to work with someone who is not happy.

    James Boyer