Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Flood Rules Could Anger Builders

From Today's Star Ledger:

Building along the state’s rivers and streams would become significantly more difficult under sweeping new environmental regulations announced today in Trenton. In an effort to reduce flood risks, Gov. Jon Corzine proposed doubling or tripling existing no-development zones on most of the state’s waterways.

The rules would increase buffers on 80 percent of the state’s rivers and streams, to as much as 300 feet in some cases. The other 20 percent, previously dubbed the most pristine, are already protected by 300-foot buffers.

The proposal was welcomed by environmentalists but is sure to anger builders and property owners, who would be unable to build on the property within the buffers and would not necessarily be eligible for any compensation.

Regulations to implement the proposal could be introduced as early as today and could be enacted after a public comment period without legislative approval.

This could have a major effect on some long delayed developments such as these.

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