Friday, July 07, 2006

Larry Kramer, 1938-2006

Although he spent 14 years teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies courses in Montclair middle schools(preceeded by 4 years teaching at Nutley High), Larry is best known for his "post-retirement" effords to expand and enhance open spaces and a unique nature preserve in Bloomfield.

A former chemical engineer and science teacher, Larry Kramer was a
founding member of Friends of Clark's Pond and Third River, a local
group that has worked to restore Bloomfield's last remaining natural
pond. Larry was instrumental in establishing the nature preserve at
Clark's Pond, where he spent thousands of hours designing the native
plant restoration and the wildflower meadow and leading nature walks.
Larry's dream was to use the preserve as an outdoor classroom for Bloomfield school children. Born and raised in Montclair, he moved to nearby Bloomfield in the 90's when he found an apartment located steps away from Clark's Pond.

Larry participated in all kinds of community meetings from preservation groups to the Town Council. After listening to many of our impassioned comments he would calmly suggest an effective way to implement our ideas or offer his wisdom in a variety of ways. Often with wry humor:
At one of the packed planning board meetings, he questioned the architect of the proposed condos on a flood plain of the former Scientific Glass site. After looking at the drawing of the 3 story townhouses he quietly asked where on the roof tops would the rowboats be tied. This literally brought down the (town)house! Larry is one of the reason’s that--years later--the Liongate area is still open space.

His guiding passion was that we should all be stewards of our immediate wild spaces. Yes, he had his passions,
but I never experienced him raising his voice in anger.

Larry has helped make Bloomfield a more desirable place to live.


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