Friday, July 21, 2006

Bloomfield's Share of Damage has had lots of great photo-coverage of Montclair and hundreds of comments. Our favorite Bloomfielder comment was by "glee":

It ain't just Montclair! Mountain Ave. in Brookdale is devastated as are many other areas in Bloomfield. Toffee-nosed Montclair received all of the media attention while scrappy Bloomfield picked up and carried on. Let's share this natural disaster, folks, not hog it all to ourselves. Anyway, tales of coincidence, irony, and good and bad timing abound concerning this storm. I'm with the tree huggers from another post. Don't blame the trees or use this as an excuse not to plant more. Disasters like this, thankfully, are few and far between in our area. The improved air quality, increased shade, greater aesthetic beauty (imho) of the streets and parks, and the increased living environment for birds, etc.... The energy of that storm was stupendous.
Click on images to enlarge. Mountain Rd. at Claremont
South end of Mountain Road
Garrabrant St
Oakview School
Parkview Rd along Brookdale Park
Mayor's House


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