Friday, April 07, 2006

Montclair Gets Another Dis' -- in Belleville

Montclair just can't get any respect these days.
NJ Monthly recently dumped it well down into it's second hundred desirible NJ towns(191 to Maplewood's 38)mainly because of it's skyrocketing home prices. Now we have a major townhome development going up at Belleville & Franklin Aves. What's in a name? Called Essex Park by Centex Homes, "a collection of 262 stacked townhomes." There's no mention that it faces Branchbrook Park. Too Newark? A major selling point is it's proximity to"The Glen Ridge Train Station, Glen Ridge, is approx. 2 miles from Essex Park."Don't look at the two stations in Bloomfield you pass on the way. The home styles are rated by price,from 352k to 464k, Montclair is 3rd rate behind Davenport & Granville.


  1. Anonymous2:25 PM

    and they've even named one of them Montclair

  2. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I was told that this complex went "co-broker" and that some units are now being sold by Coldwell Banker. Why would they do this?