Sunday, February 26, 2006


In recent months, we’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of seemingly healthy trees cut down in the Brookdale area as well as in neighboring Montclair. We doubt that those dastardly beatles have made it this far west of Hudson County, buthe folks in Montclair are beginning to investigate the rationale as per this post on the Montclair Watercooler:

Tue, 21 Feb
From: "kevelson"
Subject: re: Tree removals on Montclair's streets

At last August's council meeting it was stated that ONLY 35
dangerous trees were to be removed on Montclair's streets. After
receiving a response from the engineering department recently it was
learned that there were 218 trees removed during the period of 2003-
2005. This number does not include trees removed for reasons other
than street improvement or curb replacement. There are reasons to
believe that the total number of trees removed during 2003-2005 is
much higher then 218 trees. Recently an OPRA request (open public
records act) was submitted to the shade tree department, Mr. Ward.

The request include but was not limited to:

1. total number of trees removed during 2003 to 2005

2. how many trees were planted between 2003-2005

This request was submitted at the beginning of February. A response
is supposed to be given within 7 days. As of today there has been no
response and the State of New Jersey has been contacted.

Over the past year we have formed the group Concerned Citizens
for Montclair's Trees. I want to thank all the people who have
responded to our email requests. Our group has helped residents save
trees that the town wanted to cut down. As you might know the Town
does not have on staff a certified arborist. Our group only uses the
services of a State of New Jersey certified tree expert. If you have
a tree that you would like to save please email us. Also if you
would like to be part of our effort to require that our Town's trees
receive expert care please email me to be put on our email list.
Thank You, Scott

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