Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Renovation SOS

Licensed contractor John DeSilvia comes to the rescue of distraught homeowners who have seen their homes left in shambles by the contractor they hired to fix it. Bad plumbing, shoddy framing, being structurally unsound: These are the complaints that homeowners have after hiring a bad contractor. DeSilvia steps in to make everything right, but he only has a few days in which to do it. After John and his team finish their work, these homeowners won't recognize their place.

 "Rescue My Renovation" crews demolish, build, renovate and refurbish projects in Tri-State area homes. “If you have been a victim of a contractor who has done shoddy work on your home, they want to hear your story,” Firstbrook said. If you would like to be considered for the new series and are currently living in nightmarish conditions, email casting@boywonderproductions.net.

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