Friday, November 02, 2012

Power Failures From the Top Down

I don't usually agree with NY Post editorial views, but their cover story on Mayor Bloomberg's making Sunday's NY Marathon a priority over the region's current crisis with power outages and gas shortages reflects a good chunk of public opinion.
It reinforces today's comments by Steve Crooks, good friend who is always thinking out side the box. He just posted this observation on his Facebook wall:
I'm wondering, who remembers the oil embargo back in the '70s? The closed-up gas stations everywhere, the long lines? Remember 'odd and even days'? Why on Earth isn't some genius mandating something like that? Or some alphabetical system? At least you would KNOW when your turn was! Because these endless gas station lines are obscene, glutting up traffic and eating away at our police forces, just to keep the peace. Jesus, during World War II the federal government was rationing EVERYTHING, and the general public pitched in for the effort. Are our current officials so gun-shy that they are afraid, with an election coming on, to mandate ANYTHING, even if it were the smart thing to do? What say you? Because I really want to know...

Maybe our local governors could learn from the past and  get a bit more pro-active in dealing with this escalating crisis.

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