Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Few Survival Items for "The Blizard of the Century"

Brett and Kate McKay are living proof that their eclectic website: The Art of Manliness is not for men only. Their latest collaboration is "13 Things A Man Should Keep in His Car." If 13 seems like too many to cover most emergency contingencies, scroll down their page for many more practical reader additions(This is only a selection from the first 94 posts -- please forgive any duplication) including:

- A good lockback knife
- Rope and/or tiedown straps
- I keep a 2 liter bottle of water stuck in a corner of my tirewell in the event of overheating
- rags or cloths for cleaning up after a tire change
- I always keep a can of Fix-a-Flat in my car. I’ve never used the stuff myself, but more than once I have handed it to someone else when I didn’t really trust the way a stranded motorist situation looked.
- Keep a general interest book you love and don’t mind re-reading. Great way to entertain yourself when stranded anywhere.
Flat and Phllips head screwdrivers, knife, channel-lock pliers, a crescent wrench, some long cable (zip) ties,
Space blankets (Takes up less space than normal blankets; plus, it can be used for signaling.)
Two more essentials: a $20 in the first aid kit, and a hide-a-key with a working key.
Steel coffee can with a roll of toilet paper inside
Granola bars
A 2-liter pop bottle filled with water (but with enough room left for expansion if it freezes)
A towel
A socket wrench set, hammer and pliers....
a Battery Booster/ Air Compressor/ small appliance charger with a built in flash light. I find it to be a life saver since it combines so many necessary features that I think are a must have for your vehicle.
- a winter sleeping bag
- snow gear (boots, snow pants, proper jacket, winter gloves, several cheap toques, ski goggles are handy)
- 3 or 4 pairs of simple cotton gloves
- A full-sized shovel, forget the folding shovel this will cause more aggravation than good, do yourself a favor and bring a full sized shovel on all long winter trips. i leave mine in the car all winter.
- hot pockets hand-warmers.
Water resistant coveralls stuck in the tool box will keep you looking your best upon return to civilization and give you an added level of protection from automotive fluids. Don’t forget the leather work gloves and a box of disposable nitrile gloves as well.
Nobody’s said road flares yet, as far as I can tell. These, along with jumper cables, have been by far the most commonly used and important things I’ve had in my trunk.

...the Bible is also a great book in any situation; but especially good for warmth, cheering up, confidence and encouragement. Also, heaven forbid… it’s thin pages are great fire starters.

Sometimes the trunk may become inaccessible and you can’t get to what you need.
If you can carry what you need in the back seat in a small box, it could possibly save your life and prevent frostbite.

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