Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lights On! No More Excuses

The phase-out of incandescent bulbs in the European Union begins next month, so it’s time to get prepared for a new round of excuses about the "inconvenience" of using more efficient lights. Lane Burt of the Natural Resources Defense Council answers the most common complaints about the new bulbs for Grist.

Here in Bloomfield are the final stats from the Greener Bloomfield/Project Porchlight event of 8/15/09 where volunteers perserveered through the blistering heat.
35 Volunteers gave out 1,650 Lightbulbs to just as many homes

Resulting in:$50,000 in energy savings

544.5 tons CO2 emissions prevented of entering the environment

94.05 Cars removed from the road in the form of Green House Gases(GHG)

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  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Geoff - that was just for the 8/15 event. Nick Joanow is still walking Bloomfield giving out bulbs and we're going to try to give out bulbs at some block parties and at HARVEST FEST!!!

    Pat Gilleran