Friday, June 05, 2009

Brookdale Update

EcoRealty tries its best to dig up items of local or regional interest that deserve greater exposure. Every once in a while, however, we're able to scoop our colleagues in the local media. Such was the case with the previous story. While we were privileged to be in a position to get the ball rolling, Debbie Gallant at helped spread the word which got the attention of The NJ Star Ledger which helped bring it to a satisfactory conclusion for the residents.

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  1. Watsessing had its paths paved a couple of years back, and they did put the dirt around the edges to make them even with the ground again. They only added one small section of paving which I actually welcomed because it made it possible to walk within the park in that section instead of having to walk either on the grass or out on the street with our dog.

    However, we are having issues with the County because of their plans to put in a soccer field (artificial turf). Our park conservancy met with them last week and I need to find out how it went (I wasn't able to attend).

    I know the County means well but they are trying to juggle the need for open space with recreational use and it's not always easy with these more urban communities. Of course I am on the side of the green space!