Thursday, May 14, 2009

A New Model for Downtowns

New Jersey Future was founded to achieve smart growth statewide: growth that protects New Jersey’s open lands and natural resources, strengthens our communities, makes it easier to get around, and increases our housing choices.
NJF has just named Bloomfield Center as one of seven winners of this year's Smart Growth Award. Along with several public meetings that encouraged input from the town's residents, a newly formed environmentally oriented group, Greener Bloomfield, was a key inspiration for the inclusion of green building guidelines in the plan. What emerged from this inclusive process was a “Vision Plan” describing the key characteristics and core elements of Bloomfield’s redevelopment: a historic urban center, a New Jersey urban lifestyle, a transit village, a “green” downtown and an accessible downtown.

"I went through every word of the 73 page plan to ensure that sustainability was a primary theme throughout" comments John Palomaki, the founder of Greener Bloomfield. "We think the sustainability theme is one of the reasons it was selected, in addition to the public process. It should help attract developers".

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