Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Essex Goes EBay

In the bad old days, it took serious political connections -- or an eagle eye for those small print classifieds -- for a vendor to find out about government contracts in time to submit a serious bid. Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo has just unveiled the new Essex County Purchasing Portal, an interactive web site that enables vendors of all sizes to learn about procurement opportunities with Essex County. The site is his latest initiative to improve operating efficiency and enhance outreach to the business community.

"This uniquely designed web page is our latest tool to inform and link vendors with procurement opportunities with Essex County," DiVincenzo said. "Through this portal, vendors can register their company with Essex County and be automatically notified about various procurement opportunities that fit the business profile they submit.

The Executive also noted the potential savings for Essex County in photocopying and postage costs, and the amount of hours employees spend mailing and faxing documents, could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It should also lead to increased competition among vendors.

The easy-to-navigate web site can be accessed directly or by clicking on the Purchasing Portal link found on the Essex County web site,The cyber portal includes listings of all contracts for competitively bid goods and services, requests for proposals and qualifications, and cooperative purchasing opportunities.

Vendors who want to do business with Essex County must register their business on-line and provide contact information and their New Jersey Business Registration Certificate. Vendors can then select the types of contracts they would like to be notified about from a list of 83 commodities. This information can be easily accessed by vendors or members of the public. Those interested in easier access to other government clients can look here.

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