Monday, August 25, 2008

BloomHo vs MonHo?

Montclair has become one of the one of the primo culture centers of New Jersey, at least partially, by certainly attracting many of New York’s most creative refugees. Higher rents and property taxes have helped reroute some of the hungrier of artists to Bloomfield. Right now, they seem centered around Bloomfield College and a downtown full of vacant storefronts,
To meet the needs of the town's growing landscape of artists, has been created to specifically promote the arts and raise awareness of the importance they play in the redevelopment of the town.
"The arts are a vital part of any creative economy in a town," says Gregory Allen, Managing Director of the Westminster Arts Center at Bloomfield College. "As the town undergoes redevelopment, we thought it important for the arts organizations to come together and emphasis all that Bloomfield has to offer.
The sparkling new website is currently hosting a virtual “Open House” inviting all Bloomfield artists to sign in and introduce themselves.{There were actually 20 arts organizations on the cropped webpage above}

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