Sunday, June 15, 2008

Is Sinkhole Snagging Liongate Development?

When we last heard Arthur Fefferman describe his plans for a November 2007 groundbreaking of “Fairways at Brookdale”, the first block of the 104 townhouse development was expected to be well under construction by now. At prices in the 800k range Mayor Raymond McCarthy spoke glowingly of new tax revenues for the township. Sometime last fall, a resident of the adjacent Greenbrook Townhouses happened to be watching a ditchdigger clearing a section of the property when it began to disappear an a pile of soggy muck. The digger and it’s operator were quickly pulled out and the site was roped off with red tape.
That was 8 months ago and there has been no noticable activity on the site since -- except for the slow silent expansion of Bloomfield’s newest lake. It appears to be about 30 feet wide by 80 feet long and about 10 feet deep—big enough to swallow one of the larger two families on neighboring Lakewood Terrace. Even closer are the townhouses of the Greenbrook complex -- about 50 feet from the edge of the hole.[click on picture to enlarge]

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