Thursday, March 06, 2008

Passing the Bark

From Bloomfield to Verona, dog parks are on the run:

Suzanne Moyers weighs in on the extended Montclair Watercooler debate:

Re: Why Brookdale Dog Park is worth fighting for

Mr. DiVincenzo has told me (and others) on numerous occasions that he "want(s) a
dog run in every county park." There are many more places the dog park could
go, such as the other (Bloomfield) side of Brookdale (I saw the perfect location
just the other day!) or even Anderson Park, which is an Essex County park. And
one neighbor, who lives on Argyle Road but IS sympathetic to the noise problem
(he can hear it from his house!), suggested to Mr. DiVincenzo that the dog park
be relocated to the new park being built on the old site of
the hospital complex in Verona.

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