Monday, January 14, 2008

A Belated New Years Wish

Watch your back!
I wish I could have watched mine.
Longest I’ve been offline since entering the cyberworld in late 90’s.
Staphacoccus Virens is not the rarest bug in the world. It drifts around the mouth and skin of most of us. It’s only when gets into the bloodstream that the fun begins. It seems to enjoy messing with your spine. In describing this Epedural Abscess, Back surgeon, Mark Drzala, kept reminding me that I won the lottery by catching one of the most common bugs in one of the trickiest areas to access, but surgically removed in time(on New Years Eve) to avoid significant bone loss.

Warmest gratitude and thanks to Madison’s A-1 EMT Mensch Eddie Schmeltz and many of the best Bloomfielder buddies anyone could wish for: Nick Joanow, Mary Shaughnessy, Paul Schneider. and, most of all, Rebecca Shaw

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