Monday, August 13, 2007

Toying With Tools

Not having a garage or tool shed, our tools tend to get buried under tarps or left out to rust in the rain. We've yet to find a shed big enough for our collection. Ever lose track of where you left that weird tool you haven't used in years? How about a trip to the library?


There is nothing new about tool libraries. The famous Berkeley Tool Lending Library was established back in 1979 and now contains over 2,500 tools, but it is easy to get entranced by the siren song of new gizmos. Our consumer society is predicated around us owning all this 'stuff.' When really what we want is not so much to own it, but to use it. Libraries are perfect examples of this. We read books without having to buy them. Community toy libraries provide the same delightful function. Little Johnny tires of that train set, so you swap it for a box of Lego. A tool library is no different. For those rare times when you need a ladder, rubber plunger or circular saw you just borrow it from the library.

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