Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eco Real Dreams Out West

From the Eco-discussion group on CraigsList yesterday:
Seeking others to co-own eco-property < AnArKey > 07/10 17:36:32

Seeking 3-4 individuals/couples/families to co-own a piece of property. Will be looking at 2-5 acres, $75-$125k sale, split equally between all parties. Plan for off-grid, eco-friendly homes. Ideally, cob or strawbale. We'd all help each other build our homes.

Property will be within 30 minutes from major town or city, probably "up in the woods."

Basically form a tiny eco-village of sorts. I'm sure in Portland there's got to be a few other people who dream of living in a simple hand built cob cottage in the forest, but like me, lack the money to buy property with cash. You probably also tried to get a loan on such a property, which the banks won't do. If several of us work together, we buy with cash, leave the government and banks out of the whole thing, and live a simple, enjoyable life.

I have been to a few eco-villages, and it's amazing to see the genuine happiness of spirit of people who live simply, cheaply, and don't spend all their time working (like all us city dwellers). Reply if interested.

[A Reply]:
Grid tied makes way more sense < juangrande > 07/10 18:35:43

Great concept, something I have contemplated for some time. There are problem with strangers and joint ownership. hell even friends can make bad neighbors. One of my best friends for 30 years is a person I would never live with. I would suggest joint ownership of adjoinig parcels. Also, when you buy a single parcel zoning may only allow one structure for living.

How about a master structure for communal living, eating, cooking and having "sheds" for sleeping. Good way around zoning issues.
(How about looking even further west?)

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  1. Is this the same thing as "Intentional Communities?"

    Nana (formerly black nana)
    Montclair, NJ