Monday, March 19, 2007

Baling Hay for Town Houses

While the Sopranos are returning to Broad St. at Watchung, another big low-profile production is returning to Broad St. at Liongate. Known by the innocuous title as AFC/Fairways, the often rejected, neglected, resuscitated, and re-erected projected Liongate Townhouse Development is about to receive yet another hearing by Bloomfield's Planning Board and the DEP. The purpose this time is to tweak their project enough to pass
muster before strict new state mandated flood control measures take
affect. Their latest plan calls for 104 Units on about 6 buildable
acres. Normally, Planning Board meetings are listed, with agendas, well in advance on the Townships website. This special meeting has been scheduled for weeks, but somehow the powers-that-be neglected to post it. Perhaps they fear another big turnout by unhappy residents, When? 7:30 PM Tuesday, Where? Bloomfield's Town Hall.
[Why the hay? The bales keep the tarps from blowing off the still-contaminated land-fill. They blow off anyway -- but that's another story.]

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