Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Return to Sender at Liongate

Environmental activists in Bloomfield have one more victory to celebrate.
The second developer's application for the property owned by Copeck/Ruvo/Tilter has just been given the boot. The latest attempt didn't even making it past administrative review at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. John DeSimone, contract buyer for 5.7 acres of floodplain/wetland (nearly 3 acres of which is unbuildable wetland), has sought permission to build 38 condos flush up against Fefferman's 114 proposed condos (see 12/22).
This is their fourth or fifth bite at the apple over the course of six years. NJDEP's summer 2006 5-page letter of denial can be found at

On Nov. 16, John DeSimone was sent a three-page rejection letter. Among other problems, he submitted only $4800 of the $18,000 application fee and failed to properly notice neighbors.

Homes surrounding both sites suffer increasingly severe flooding with continuing overdevelopment along the Third River. The Fefferman application was rejected last month by the DEP; but it is anticipated that the developer will return with a revised application in time to beat the clock on Governor Corzine's tougher flood hazard regulations.

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