Sunday, June 04, 2006

Where to Spend that Summer Weekend?

Or should you just relax and watch your garden grow?
David Carr writes "You Are Where You Tan" from a Montclair perspective in the NY Times:

In our neighborhood, everyone has a version of Someplace Else. The people across the street split for Fire Island. The couple next door have a place in the Hamptons they give over to renters for most of the season, enjoying it on the margins. Our best friends on the block belong to a beach club on a tidy lake in the low-slung mountains of Jersey, and many of the others head out to destinations near and far on the Jersey Shore....There is something terribly existential in all of this: Work all of your life to scratch out a piece of suburban idyll, and then work some more so you can afford to get the hell away from it.


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